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About use -ご利用について- | クロのイラストフリー素材集
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About use -ご利用について-




Terms of use
Illustrations of this site can be used free of charge for any individual, corporation, commercial, non-commercial use. Notation of credit, contact by e-mail etc is not necessary.


  • 公序良俗に反する目的での利用
  • 素材のイメージを著しく損なうような利用
  • その他著作者が不適切と判断した場合
  • 素材のままコンテンツとして配布・販売・再配布

Illustration of this site is refused for use only in the following cases.

  • Used for purposes contrary to public order and morals
  • Utilization that severely impairs the material image
  • When other writers judge it as inappropriate
  • Distributed, sold and redistributed as contents as raw material




Illustrations of this site can be used for free, but copyright is not abandoned. TSUKUYOMI owns the copyright of all materials.